The 100+ Best Superhero Movies Of All Time

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Over 37,000 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of the best superhero movies of all time. Superhero movies may seem like a current trend, but the truth is superheroes on film have been around since the beginning of celluloid..From Batman to Captain America, Iron Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy, this list brings together some of cinema's most beloved characters and stories. 

It's no surprise that Marvel Studios has dominated since 2008; with a mix of strong characterization and visual spectacle, they've crafted an unprecedented series of successful films that has changed blockbuster filmmaking forever. But DC Comics' entries offer plenty too – Christopher Nolan's masterful Dark Knight trilogy is a standout example – while other studios have contributed their own unique takes on heroics over the years. Top heroes like Spiderman, Superman, and Wolverine are all favorite superhero movie characters who have made it from the pages of comics to the big screen time and time again.

Superheroes began in classic American comic books in the 1930s, though their predecessors date back to earlier crime fighters and even mythological superhuman characters, like Zeus and Thor. In the Golden Age of comic books, superheroes frequented the pages of DC Comics, including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. In the 1960s, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and Iron Man showed up on the pages of Marvel Comics. More modern superhero stories like Kick-Ass and Watchmen still delight audiences. Most of the best superhero movies come from comic giants like DC Movies or Marvel Films. 

Good superhero movie serials once played before big features at movie houses. Today, Hollywood turns out giant summer blockbusters that routinely break records and bring in big business for studio execs, costumers, and special effects crews alike. Everyone has a favorite superhero film, and you can add yours to the rankings by voting up an existing item or creating your own full re-rank of your favorite superhero movies.

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