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List Rules Beers with reduced alcohol and calories.

The best tasting light beers voted by the Ranker community. Many beer enthusiasts despise light beers, but this list proves that light beers do have fans.  People watching their weight often give up the beverage altogether, thinking there are few good light beers, especially if they aren't fans of the best tasting domestic beers. However, low-calorie American beers are not the only option.

ome of the best light beers in the world are light European lagers, like Amstel Light or Becks. Then there are the flavorful Japanese light beers by Sapporo and Kiran, and even low-calorie beers from Mexico and Canada, from popular beer brands like Corona and Labatt. 

Check out this crowdranked list of beers and you may discover one that tastes great and fits your diet. If don't see your favorite "lite" beer on this list, go ahead and add it so that your favorite brewer gets in the rankings. Cheers!
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