The Best US Civil War Movies of All Time

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Movies must take place during the US Civil War.

Over 3,600 movie fans have voted to shape the rankings of some of the best US Civil War movies ever made. From epic battle scenes, to heart-wrenching drama and compelling characters, these films capture the complexities and emotions of this tumultuous time in American history. Dances With Wolves, Glory, Gettysburg and Gods & Generals each deliver powerful performances that leave a lasting impression on viewers. Fans also love Cold Mountain which follows a Confederate soldier's journey home amidst his war torn surroundings

These great civil war movies resonate with fans because they offer insight into this particularly historic moment in our nation's past while still providing gripping entertainment value. Through their intense action sequences and deeply moving stories, they continue to inspire us even today. If you're looking for a list of excellent civil war movies then look no further - cast your votes now for your favorites.

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