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The Greatest Vampire Movies of All Time

Here is a list of all your favorite vampire movies as voted on by the Ranker Community. This is a Crowdranked list, so if you don't see your picks for the best vampire movies already on here, or see some good vampire movies missing, go ahead and make your own version of the list so you can vote them up.

Vampires have been a mainstay in film since its earliest days. In fact, among the most legendary and famous films of the silent era was Nosferatu, a retelling of the story of Dracula directed by German expressionist F.W. Murnau. (A fictionalized version of the making of this film, suggesting that the actor portraying Nosferatu was, in fact, a real vampire was made, called Shadow of the Vampire.)

The typical staples of the vampire genre and great vampire movies remain surprisingly consistent from their origins - particularly the Bram Stoker Dracula novel. They are undead monsters capable of changing forms, sometimes to a bat but also in the form of mist, or wolves, or other creatures, and they feed off the blood of the living. They are also sometimes noted for their charm and sophistication, monsters capable of seducing and charming victims rather than simply attacking prey.

There have been a number of iconic movie vampires throughout the first century of filmmaking, including a number of memorable takes on the Dracula character specifically. (Actors including Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, and even Gary Oldman have all taken on the role.) Vampires have always been a staple of mainstream entertainment. If you are looking for a more romantic twist than normal, check out the Twilight series of films that can be found below. There are also several other vampire book adaptions on this list.

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