The Best Woody Allen Movies

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The best Woody Allen movies of all time rank among some of the best movies of all time, so it's no surprise movie fans would want to debate which of his films deserves the title of greatest Woody Allen movie ever. While there are some talented directors who have stood behind the camera since the start of cinema, Woody Allen is far and away one of the best directors of all time due largely in part to his neurotic characters (perceived to be real to a fault), his strong female characters, and his own inclusion as an actor in a way that doesn't distract from the other actors (you hear that, Quentin?).

Of course, while many people in the older generation know Woody Allen for his comedies, newer movie watchers may know him equally for his dramas and for causing drama as one of the most scandalous celebs in Hollywood. Either way, the guy makes a heck of a movie.

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