The Coolest Fictional Cars

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Cars that were featured in movies, TV shows, web series or books
The coolest cars that never really existed, ranked by movie, comics and tv fans worldwide. Anyone can vote on their favorite fictional car, and you can even add your own list to these rankings. Time travel, artificial intelligence or just the ability to fire missiles or grappling hooks out of the headlights... these are the cars you WISH were real.

  • Doc Brown's Delorean
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,397 VOTES

    Doc Brown's Delorean

    • Class: Back to the Future
    1,397 votes
  • 2
    1,383 VOTES

    General Lee

    • Class: Dukes of Hazzard
    1,383 votes
  • 3
    1,253 VOTES

    James Bond's Aston Martin

    • Class: James Bond
    1,253 votes
  • Mustang Charger
    Photo: Wapster / Flickr
    880 VOTES

    Mustang Charger

    880 votes
  • The Bandit
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    1,170 VOTES

    The Bandit

    • Class: Smoky and the Bandit
    1,170 votes
  • Clint Eastwood's '72 Gran Torino Sport
    Photo: user uploaded image
    775 VOTES

    Clint Eastwood's '72 Gran Torino Sport

    Gran Torino
    775 votes