The Worst Reality Shows Of All Time

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It's all about what you can't stand. Vote up the most worst reality TV shows ever!

Reality shows are stupid. No one's really denying it at this point. Yet they continue to prove massively popular - if arguably not as huge as they once were at the height of the reality craze. These days, with the ascension of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, Jersey Shore, and many more, one could argue that the genre has sunk to a new and previously unexplored low point. A valley many would probably have thought didn't even exist in the early 2000s, when reality TV's worst crimes seemed to be limited to insulting the audience's intelligence and making Jesse Camp famous.

From Celebrity Apprentice, to Duck Dynasty and Hoarders, and even that one (and by "one" we mean 17) about how the contestants are totally not here to make friends, this is a rundown of the stupidest, most banal, most shrill, truly bad, and just stupidest reality shows ever made. If you've ever wondered "Could any show be more repetitive and pointless than America's Next Top Model?" this is the list for you.

These are the worst reality shows ever, in all time, for all of TV history. Vote up the stupid reality shows that made TV worse by existing. Then check out trashy shows you can't help but love, because at least some TV shows do it right.

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