The Best Beers from Around the World

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The best beers in the world, as voted on by beer aficionados like you. Anyone can add their favorite brews to this list. The list updates automatically every time new beer rankings are added, making this an accurate, real-time ranking of the best beers, as chosen by the "wisdom of the crowd." Think about the top beers you've ever tasted and share your favorite beers with the world. Don't limit yourself to what's on tap at your local pub - these beverages are ranked on an international level. 

Naming the best beer in the world is a tough task - especially since taste is so subjective. The balance of hops, yeast, and malted barley all play a role in the taste of beer, yet some people prefer some of those flavors more than others. Many of the top rated beers on this list are heavy on hops, which give beer a bitter flavor and aroma. Other beers have a malt flavor that dominates the taste - giving them a sweet and buttery flavor. So while it may be difficult to name one type as the best tasting beer in the world, this list represents the range of good beers that are out there. Bottoms up and vote for your favorites!
Most divisive: Heineken
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