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The Greatest Live Bands of All Time

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List RulesOnly a band's live show and not their studio albums. No pop stars

List of the greatest live bands or artists of all time, created and ranked by music fans worldwide asks the question "who is the best live act of all time"? What band or artist had such an impact up on that stage that it took their music to a whole new level? Maybe they had a spectacular stage show - like Floyd - or maybe they just overpowered you with their live presence - like Bruce. Or maybe their music just sounded better in person. Whatever your criteria, vote and rank the musicians you think had the absolute best live act of all time. If you see a group or artist that is missing, be sure to add to this list of the best live bands of all time! 

Share your thoughts on the very best live performers with your friends. To vote on more music lists, check out these lists of the Best Rock Vocalists and the Best Female Rock Vocalists of all time.
  • Queen1
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  • Led Zeppelin2
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  • Pink Floyd3
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  • AC/DC4
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  • The Who5
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  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers6
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  • Rush7
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  • Fleetwood Mac8
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  • Elton John9
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  • Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band10
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  • Creedence Clearwater Revival11
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  • Eagles12
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  • Alice Cooper13
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  • Heart14
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  • The Allman Brothers Band15
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  • Black Sabbath16
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  • Journey17
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  • ZZ Top18
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  • The Rolling Stones19
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  • Santana20
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    #72 of 126 The Best Black Rock Bands#10 of 73 The Best Jam Bands

  • Elvis Presley21
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  • The Beatles22
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    Behind The Scene Stories From The Recording Of The Beatles' 'Abbey Road'#1 of 25 The Best English Boy Bands

  • Prince23
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  • Cream24
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  • David Bowie25
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