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The All-Time Greatest Pixar Characters

List RulesIncludes any character, main or supporting, in a Pixar film

PIXAR animation studios has been churning out a string of beloved comedy-adventure films since the release of the first "Toy Story" movie in 1995. Their films are populated by a diverse crop of memorable characters, from the living playthings of the "Toy Story" films to the sentient cars of the "Cars" series to the human superheroes of "The Incredibles." Help us determine the final order of this list by voting for your favorite characters so far!

Before breaking into feature-length animated films, the company specialized in animated shorts (such as "Luxo Jr.," which gave rise to the studio's now-familiar desk lamp logo.) PIXAR (owned by Disney) continues to produce animated shorts to this day, which air before the feature films. Characters from both feature-length and short animated productions are included on this list. Characters who appeared in multiple PIXAR movies are listed with the first film in which they featured.