The All-Time Greatest Pixar Characters

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Pixar has been creating beloved, generation-defining characters since its very first crack at the big screen. 1995’s Toy Story brought a new classic buddy duo to audiences in Woody and Buzz Lightyear - and that was just two of a smorgasbord of great supporting characters who have appeared over the course of the Toy Story franchise.

The animation studio’s subsequent efforts have delivered the same, from the superheroic Parr family, Frozone, and two fantastic villains in the Incredibles movies to Dory, Finding Nemo’s breakout star. From the brilliantly wordless robots WALL-E and EVE to the most tragic romantic couple in Pixar history, Carl and Ellie. From Remy the Rat to Sully the scary bedtime monster.

More recent Pixar films like Turning Red and Soul have brought their own share of fan favorites. And to bring it full circle, we even got another Buzz Lightyear, this time the “movie within the movie” version voiced by Chris Evans.

But which Pixar characters are the best of all? Does Forky make the cut? Is Edna Mode a darkhorse candidate? Does Jack-Jack have a case? Let your votes decide.

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