The Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

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These are the greatest Doctor Who companions in this history of the sci-fi series, as voted on by a rabid group of Who fans. Doctor Who is one of the most popular series of all time - covering everything from infamous historic events to heartwarming holiday traditions - and fans have become obsessed with ranking the best Doctor Who companions. Popular Dr. Who companions like Jack Harkness and others are included. Add your choices to the list of the best Doctor companions of all time and vote on your favorites. Many of the top Doctor Who companions are women (like Rose Tyler and Donna Noble) but some men also make the cut. 

Who are the best Doctor Who companions? Community lists on Ranker update when a new list is added or changed to bring you a statistically accurate wisdom of crowds representation of the best companions of the Doctor in history. Who do you think is the best Doctor Who companion? Don't just argue from the sidelines on who any of the Doctors could have chosen... vote up your favorites, add any companions we may have missed, and if you're a true Whovian, rerank the whole list! Don't forget to also check out our list of other shows like Doctor Who.

Most divisive: Mickey Smith
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