The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movies

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What makes great guilty pleasure movies? This is a movie that you love to watch, but won't display on your DVD shelf... or maybe you will stop to watch when you flip by it on TV, but never if someone else is in the room. These movies are not always bad movies per se, but our cultural zeitgeist has determined that they are corny, dumb, or cheesy movies - badly done horror flicks, overdone dramas, overwrought or made entirely of syrup. But, still, these movies draw you in. You love them. Secretly. You're not exactly bragging about how many times you've watched them—or maybe you are, if self-deprecation is your thing.

What are the best guilty pleasure movies? This list of guilty pleasures is bound to be emotionally personal, so odds are, your #1 might not even be listed! Vote on this list and then rank your own list and add your missing faves.


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