The Best Horror Movies Of All Time

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These are the most popular Horror movies ranked by adrenaline junkies worldwide. Anyone can vote on this CrowdRanked list of these famous horror movies. Ghosts, zombies, monsters, or maybe just the quiet guy down the street who straps on a hockey mask for kicks; these are the films that scare the pants off you will be the highest rated horror movie? What are the greatest horror films ever made? And how many of these popular horror movies have you actually seen? No matter the answer, you'll find that this list goes way beyond the top 100 horror films of all time.

Great horror films have a long and storied history in cinema. From the earliest horror movies like 1922's Nosferatu, to modern favorites like the Saw series, scary movies have always had a special place in the collective, twisted hearts of moviegoers. Each year, new good horror movies come out that are designed to terrify, with evil characters bent on death and destruction. Will they all wind up on a list of the scariest horror movies ever made? Probably not, but not for a lack of trying.

Many of the best horror films are haunted house movies, relying on the setting as a huge, spooky selling factor. Other excellent horror films rely on nausea-inducing tactics, making us recoil in terror, totally disturbed by whatever we're watching on screen. Start with all of the ones on this list, and of course, feel free to add any top horror movies that might be missing.

Enjoy this list of great horror films, and remember: You can rerank this list in any order you like. Boo!

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