The Greatest Lakers Of All Time

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NBA players who have played for the LA Lakers or Minneapolis Lakers.

Who are the greatest Los Angeles Lakers of all time? The best Lakers include players from both the LA Lakers and the Minneapolis Lakers. These are some of the best basketball players in the NBA since the Lakers were first established as a club in 1947. Vote for those players you believe to be the best Lakers to move them up the list. If you don't see your favorites, add them to the bottom - or better yet, rerank them to create a personalized list of your own.

Think Magic Johnson is better than Kobe Bryant? Is Shaq one of the Lakers' greatest players?  Where do Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West stack up? Though he's nearing the end of his career, will Lebron James go down as one of the greatest Lakers after winning a championship in 2020? Could Anthony Davis leap from them all?

Maybe this list of the best Lakers' players of all time will help us finally make a definitive decision. Whether you've been a fan of the team your whole life, or just enjoy watching top players compete against other super stars, you've probably got some sort of opinion on these famous Lakers players. Vote and make your voice heard!

Most divisive: Steve Nash
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