The Greatest New York Yankees Of All Time

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These are the greatest Yankees of all-time, voted on by Yankees fans who really know who the best Yankees players of all time were, whether top Yankees pitchers or top hitters. Not only does this list contain the best men ever to play ball in pinstripes, it has some of the best current baseball players, some of the greatest baseball players of all time, and even some of the best athletes of all time. They were (and are) the best Yankees players and they are all listed here.

From the famous Yankee Clipper to Mr. October, these are the great baseball players that have made the New York Yankees one of the top sports franchises of all time. Obviously there are talented new Yankees players coming up to the bigs every year, so if your favorite Yankee player isn't on the list, make sure to add them so other NY Yankees fans can vote for them and propel them up the list to the spot of Best New York Yankee of all time (good luck taking that from former legends like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig, possibly the most legendary Yankees ever).

Feel free to rerank this list of the top Yankees players ever to reflect your favorite Yankees, and as ever, go Bombers!

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