The Greatest New York Yankees Of All Time

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These are the greatest Yankees of all-time, voted on by Yankees fans who really know who the best Yankees players of all time were, whether top Yankees pitchers or top hitters. Not only does this list contain the best men ever to play ball in pinstripes, it has some of the best current baseball players, some of the greatest baseball players of all time, and even some of the best athletes of all time. They were (and are) the best Yankees players and they are all listed here.

From the famous Yankee Clipper to Mr. October, these are the great baseball players that have made the New York Yankees one of the top sports franchises of all time. Obviously there are talented new Yankees players coming up to the bigs every year, so if your favorite Yankee player isn't on the list, make sure to add them so other NY Yankees fans can vote for them and propel them up the list to the spot of Best New York Yankee of all time (good luck taking that from former legends like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig, possibly the most legendary Yankees ever).

Feel free to rerank this list of the top Yankees players ever to reflect your favorite Yankees, and as ever, go Bombers!

Most divisive: Ichiro Suzuki
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  • Babe Ruth
    Right fielder, Outfielder, Left fielder
    5,598 votes
    • Birthplace: Baltimore, USA, Pigtown, Maryland

    The unparalleled Babe Ruth, a cornerstone of baseball history, transformed the sport with his prodigious power at the plate and his magnetic personality off the field. Most widely known for his unprecedented 60-home run season in 1927, the Sultan of Swat was a dynamic force who forever altered the course of the game. His legendary impact on the Yankees and the sport as a whole can still be felt today, with many of his records standing strong, serving as a testament to Ruth's sheer dominance during his time.

  • Lou Gehrig
    First baseman
    4,916 votes
    • Birthplace: New York City, USA, New York, Yorkville

    Lou Gehrig's raw talent and unwavering determination solidified his place as one of the greatest Yankees ever to grace the field. As the quintessential "Iron Horse," Gehrig's incredible 2,130 consecutive game streak showcased his grit and resilience while amassing numerous records along the way. His farewell speech, where he humbly referred to himself as "The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth," will forever resonate in the hearts of Yankee fans, capturing the essence of a man who was both a formidable competitor and an inspiration to all.

  • Mickey Mantle
    Outfielder, First baseman, Center fielder
    5,068 votes
    • Birthplace: USA, Spavinaw, Oklahoma

    With a combination of awe-inspiring power and unmatched speed, Mickey Mantle ruled centerfield for the Yankees and left an indelible mark on the sport. The Commerce Comet's switch-hitting prowess allowed him to terrorize opposing pitchers, solidifying his status as one of the most feared sluggers of his time. Mantle's endless list of clutch performances and iconic moments will live on in baseball lore, as he epitomized the pinstripe spirit that defined the golden age of Yankee baseball.

  • Joe DiMaggio
    Center fielder
    4,606 votes
    • Birthplace: USA, California, Martinez

    As the embodiment of elegance and grace, Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's smooth play and steady demeanor captivated discerning fans and casual observers alike. Notably remembered for his astounding 56-game hitting streak in 1941, a record that remains unbroken to this day, DiMaggio's consistency and skill forever etched his name in the annals of Yankee greatness. Beyond his on-field accomplishments, his marriage to screen icon Marilyn Monroe further solidified DiMaggio's mythical status as a true embodiment of the American Dream.

  • Mariano Rivera
    Relief pitcher, Pitcher
    4,306 votes
    • Birthplace: Panama City, Panama

    Armed with the most devastating cutter the game has ever seen, Mariano Rivera cemented his legacy as the greatest closer of all time and an invaluable member of the storied Yankees franchise. Known affectionately as "Mo" or "The Sandman," Rivera routinely entered games to the ominous strains of Metallica's "Enter Sandman," a fitting anthem for the pitcher who put countless opponents to rest. His legendary career, marked by countless iconic saves and postseason heroics, exemplifies the poise, determination, and class synonymous with the pinstripes.

  • Yogi Berra
    Manager, Outfielder, Catcher
    3,971 votes
    • Birthplace: The Hill, USA, St. Louis, Missouri

    Combining unparalleled wisdom with a flare for the unforgettable, Yogi Berra not only excelled as a player but also left an indelible mark on the sport with his Yogi-isms and unmistakable charm. As a skillful catcher and feared hitter, Berra was a key component of those iconic Yankee teams that dominated the baseball landscape during the 1950s. Berra's legacy extends far beyond the diamond, as his wit and wisdom resonated with generations of fans, transcending the sport and making him an enduring symbol of Americana.