The All-Time Greatest TV Pilots

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Vote up shows based on their pilot episodes ONLY, not necessarily the rest of the series. What shows hit the ground running or grabbed your attention the best?

The best TV pilots of all time are the greatest single episodes of television that introduced us to what would soon be iconic characters and casts. A TV pilot is the first episode of a TV sitcom, drama, cartoon, or even reality show that introduces the cast and story to audiences and asks them (in as little as 22 minutes) to stick around and watch the show throughout its run. While many of these shows are now considered to be among the best TV shows of all time, many didn't know they were watching the beginnings of history when they tuned in to these top TV pilot episodes.

Some of the greatest TV pilots featured things you didn't think you'd ever hear on television (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), the introduction of characters that would drive the top cult TV shows of all-time (Twin Peaks, The X-Files), and even moments in TV history that - even a decade before their release - would have been censored and disallowed from ever airing on television (The Following). These greatest TV pilots became some of the best TV shows currently on the air with some of the greatest TV characters ever. A few lucky shows like Breaking Bad kept up the promise of their great pilots and ended with the best finales ever - but even if they didn't keep up the momentum of their pilot (Lost), that first episode is still memorable and worthy of note, and your vote.

What was the best TV pilot ever? That's what this list is here to help the TV viewing public decide. This list is a round-up of the best sitcom pilots, best sci-fi pilots, the best drama pilots ever - and every other great TV show beginning to make it to air on television. Vote up the best TV pilots and see where the TV show pilots you loved rank.

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