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The Best Episodes of The Simpsons

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List RulesIncludes any regular episode starting from 1989 (first season) to present day. Shorts and movies are not included.

Springfield is home to countless characters and chief among them are the the residents of 742 Evergreen Terrace on The Simpsons. Some great The Simpsons episodes are about Homer's job at the nuclear power plant while other good episodes focus on Bart and Lisa at school. A few good episodes of The Simpsons showcase the lives of Moe, Apu, or The Comic Book Guy.

What are the best episodes of The Simpsons? “Cape Feare” from season five is a fan favorite. This episode finds Bart being kidnaped by a vengeful Sideshow Bob. “Last Exit to Springfield” is also a compelling episode of the Fox series, The Simpsons.

“Treehouse of Horror V” is another good episode from The Simpsons as is “Mr. Plow” which finds Homer and Barney competing for business.

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