The Greatest Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

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No scores, no musicals, or concert films; just soundtracks.

The best soundtracks ever are more than just a collection of songs in a particular order; they evoke and accentuates the feelings of a movie during, and long after, it has been viewed. This is a list of the greatest soundtracks ever recorded, as ranked by the Ranker Community. Sometimes a great soundtrack can elevate a mediocre movie into something that makes it iconic. Top Gun, Footloose, Grease... (best soundtracks ever!) these are great soundtrack albums that you listened to over and over, making the songs themselves so ingrained with the movie that they BECAME the movie in your head.

So if you've ever asked yourself: What are the top soundtracks ever? You're in the right spot, because you can help determine the greatest soundtrack of all time with your votes. Vote on this list of the best soundtracks of all time, pick your faves and vote them to the top of the list!

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