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The Greatest U.S. Vice Presidents of All Time

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Here are the greatest United States Vice Presidents, ranked from best to worst. Vote up on the good VPs, and vote down on the bad ones. 

When America remembers the best vice presidents, names like Lyndon Johnson and Al Gore often come up. Although they had their mistakes, these VPs contributed much to their nation. Of course, there were U.S. Vice Presidents who utterly failed at their jobs. George H.W. Bush's Vice President Dan Quayle often made a fool of himself in the media (the "potatoe" incident). 

On November 8, 2016, Governor of Indiana Mike Pence was elected as the 48th Vice President. Appointed chairman of President Donald Trump's transition team, Vice President Mike Pence serves an important role as a mediator between the President and congressional Republicans. 

Don't forget to rerank this list and make your own version of the greatest U.S. Vice Presidents.

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