The Hottest Video Game Vixens of All Time

Hot female video game characters have been fueling gamers buying habits for decades now. From 8 Bit Sprite hotties, to the sexy action heroes featured in your favorite cut-scene, these are the sexiest video game characters ever created. Featuring characters from all across genres and eras, the hottest video game characters are going to be the ones who charm us with their looks and personality. 

The hottest fighting game combatants such as Mai Shiranui, Kitana, and Chun-Li are considered the best and hottest for their overall design and their ability to kick some butt. Meanwhile sexy RPG liaisons such as Quiet, Yennefer, and Morrigan allure us with their mysterious aura and are considered some of the best RPG characters of all time. Then there are video game hotties like Ahri, Katrina, and Lux who are considered some of the hottest female champions in League of Legends. Which video game character do you think is the sexiest?

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