The Most Annoying Cartoon Characters of All Time

These are the most irritating, most aggravating, most annoying cartoon characters ever to grace your Saturday Morning Cartoons. These are the characters meant to "connect" to kids, to make them laugh and keep the tone light - no matter what was going on. The people who made these annoying cartoon characters thought kids were drooling morons, and its hard not to resent and loathe the results. 

What are the most annoying cartoon characters of all time? There are plenty of good ones, by good we mean awful, characters to choose from. After all, who really likes Scrappy Doo, The Smurfs, Angelica, and Tweety Bird? They are some of the most hated cartoon characters of all time. (Sorry if you are a fan.) The most annoying animated characters typically have an obnoxious voice or shtick that gets old fast. These might not be the worst cartoon characters ever... but they also kind of might be.

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