The Most Awesome Monsters & Creatures Of All Time

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Any monster from film, literature or myth

This list of the greatest monsters and creatures of all time ranks the scary, the sly, the freaky, the brutal and the dangerous. Everyone loves the monster, especially when it creeps into your dreams at night. Now, rank your favorite monsters from books and movies to determine which of these strangest creatures reigns supreme. Think beyond just Godzilla, folks. Just think, this list could help answer the question, "Which monster rules?" If you see any awesome monsters that are missing, add them. And if you really want to impact this list's ranking, reorder your own list as you see fit and add it.

It may be easy enough to pick out the best monsters from the last decade or so - bu what about deciding the most awesome terrifying monsters and creatures of all time? This list will help you determine which of these creatures are cool and amazing. Yes, while some of them may be a bit weird and strange, there's no questioning how awesome they are. That's for sure. Vote for the best movie monsters and creatures from pop culture.

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