The Most Hardcore Big Screen Action Heroes

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There are certain things that make the best movie heroes completely badass - that swagger, that style and most of all, the ability to deliver in a pinch. For action heroes, a sense of humor is a nice touch, as are wardrobe sensibilities (it takes serious panache to look good in a sweaty, blood & grease stained tank top).

But really, if your hero can beat the odds and save the day when under the gun, all while retaining a clear enough head to have a snappy bon mot for the occasion... that's all that matters. Truly badass movie characters are the ones that can do all of the above. This is a list of the best, most ass-kicking movie heroes ever created. Vote for your favorite movie heroes, add any names you see missing, and if you really want to impact the ranks, add your own list! 

Photo: Skyfall / Sony Pictures Releasing
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