The Most Captivating Celebrity Eyes (Women)

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is nothing better than a pair of gorgeous eyes to stare into. The celebrities with the most captivating eyes (which happen to be attached to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood) are all listed here in this list of prettiest celebrity eyes in the world. One could stare into all of these women's eyes forever; such is the blessing of big and small beautiful eyes.

Sure to be near the top are the lovely actresses with the bluest eyes such as Olivia Wilde and the captivating Emma Stone. Of course, these attractive actresses need only to look at you to knock you off your feet, so be careful where you look when dealing with these famous women with beautiful eyes. Featuring blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, and every shade in-between, these are the nicest female celebrity eyes. 

Who has the best eyes in Hollywood? Who are the celebrities with the most pretty eyes? There are so many gorgeous eyed girls to choose from that picking the one celebrity with the best eyes could be exceedingly difficult, but this captivating celebrity eyes list is here to help you decide. 

Who's got the most stunning eyes? You decide!