The Most Influential Politicians In American History

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U.S. politicians who have significantly affected American life and politics

Here you will find the most influential politicians in American history, ranked by everyone. Anyone can vote on this list, making these rankings a good way to discover how these politicians rank in the public eye. We are defining influence here as - for better or worse - how the actions of this politician shaped American history - so your rankings and votes should not be based on whether or not you like a particular politician or agreed with their policies and actions. Also note that this list of influential politicians is not limited to Presidents and can include other influential office-holders. The most influential political figures in US history can be from local or national politics. You can add any missing pols by making your own version of this list. Love them or hate them, politicians shaped this great country... these are the ones who had the most influence.

So who are the most influential politicians in American history? Who are the greatest politicians in American history? That's up to you to decide, so make your vote count! Then see what politicians are affecting global and US politics in 2019.

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Most divisive: John Lewis
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