The Most Ridiculous Political Pundits

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Vote up the political pundits and commentators who are the most unhinged and outrageous regardless of their political affiliation.

This is a bipartisan list of the most over-the-top, spittle-stained, fist-thumping, hyperbolic political pundits of all time. Speakers, writers, TV personalities or radio hosts, each of these people has a special place in the Hallowed Halls of Overblown Rhetoric. The most obnoxious political pundits have a partisan point of view, and they are not afraid to share it!

Odds are if you hate annoying politicians, you already know and detest these obnoxious pundits. This list of political commentators includes men and women, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. If you see someone missing from this list, add them! Or just rank those that are already here as you see fit.

So who are the most obnoxious political pundits? This list will answer that question based on your votes.

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