The Prettiest Flags in the World

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Flags of political entities (countries, cities, states, and etc).

What is the best flag in the world? What is the most beautiful flag in the world? Well, these are the best country flags in the world, and it's your turn to decide which country has the best. Maybe you think your home country has the best flag in world. Maybe you should get over yourself. The world is a big place and there are lots of countries—expand your horizons!

Flags serve a specific purpose. They mean more than just those things we raise at The Olympics. The flags of all the world's nations are symbols of pride. They represent us, at a weird genetic level, the representation of our "tribe". Our flags are our colors and our rallying cry. They are our reason to fight, our reason for mercy, our cause for celebration. People have fought and died for every single flag on this list. These are the best flags of the world. So what do you think? What are your top 10 flags? What do you think are the most beautiful flags in the world?

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