The Scariest Diseases of All Time

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Vote up any disease or disorder that seems like a horrible/painful thing to experience. Diseases do not have to be incurable.

You know when you have a cold and feel like you're dying? Well buck up, because your little sniffles are nothing compared to the world's scariest diseases. This list of the scariest diseases of all time, as ranked by the Ranker Community, will have you checking WebMD like a madman (or woman). Everyone wants to be healthy from the minute they are born to the last breath they take, but that doesn't always happen. There are a lot of scary, debilitating things that can happen to your body along the way. A slow, wasting sickness or a something that only gives you 3 months to live? How do you rank it? Which scary illnesses frighten you the most?

From scary skin diseases, to terrifying viruses, some of these illnesses even just have plain scary disease names to go along with their awful symptoms. Being a shut in might sound appealing after learning about these worst, horrible diseases, but that's no way to live. Still, what are the most distressing fatal diseases? Choose the fatal diseases that freak you out the most and vote them up, then talk to your doctor about how to stay healthy. 
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