The Top Dream Colleges

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"Dream Colleges" include any four-year university you would attend if acceptance & cost were not an issue

This is a list of the greatest dream colleges and universities in the world. These aren't necessarily the best colleges - they're the places everyone wishes they'd attended to get their college education. From the best college campuses to the greatest party schools, this list is ranked by the wisdom of the crowd, so anyone can add their own dream colleges or vote on the schools below.

Whether you're looking for the best colleges or looking back with nostalgia on your college experience, you can vote for your dream schools here with this college ranker list. These are the schools you would have attended if money (and maybe academic requirements) weren't something to worry about or consider. Everyone has that reach school that they always dreamed of attending but knew in reality wasn't an option. So live vicariously through this list and upvote the colleges and universities you would have gone to if you could have!
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  • Monsters University
    993 votes

    Monsters University

    Best University
  • Stanford University
    4,688 votes
    Stanford, California, United States of America
  • Harvard University
    5,305 votes
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
  • Yale University
    4,119 votes
    New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America