Your Favorite Foods To Eat On Christmas

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Drink and Food. Nothing else.

The very best Christmas food includes all sorts of delicious, holiday goodies. From the succulent turkey or ham as the centerpiece of the meal, to the small dish of delectible Christmas candy offerings. What Christmas food is your favorite? Vote for the best Christmas foods, vote down the worst and feel free to rerank this list your way, holiday-style.

Christmas foods are often rich in tradition and taste. Whether it's the wonderful Christmas drinks, like egg nog or apple cider (don't forget glogg too!), or the delicious candy canes dangling from the Christmas tree (so tempting), the holiday foods on this list are meant to thrill our taste buds and make us remember great Christmases of old, too.

Christmas meals, much like Thanksgiving, include a lot of excellent side dishes. Whether it's mashed potatoes with creamy gravy or a candied sweet potato dish that won't soon be forgotten, the sides are almost as important as the main dishes. And yes, the Christmas desserts can't be missed: apple pies, pecan pies and sweet potato pies are a long-standing holiday dessert worth waiting for, so don't forget to save room.

Let's talk fruit cake, shall we? The much maligned fruit cake is either a Christmas favorite or a Christmas nightmare, depending on who you ask. Some people do actually *like* fruit cake, so if you are one of them, vote loudly and proudly.

Does your family have a traditional Christmas dish that isn't listed here? Add it!

What are your favorite foods to eat on Christmas? Take a look here and see if these choices matches yours.
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