Your Favorite Foods To Eat On Christmas

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Foods and beverages. Nothing else.

When it comes to holiday dining, Thanksgiving is, needless to say, the one that takes the cake - pun 100% intended - but Christmas is no slouch, either. After all, the most famous Christmas story of all-time culminates in Ebenezer Scrooge buying the biggest, fattest, most succulent Christmas goose in town and having it delivered to the previously goose-deprived Cratchet family.

But whether you’re a goose family or a more traditional Christmas ham type, the bottom line is this: Christmas is the perfect time for a feast. Even beyond the main course, there’s plenty of traditional Christmas dishes to keep you happy and fed all season long. You’ve got your mashed potatoes, your casseroles, your pastas, your sauces.

And… okay, who are we kidding? Christmas is a time to gorge on sweets, of course. Not just the candy left in your stocking, but homemade classics like gingerbread, hot chocolate, frosted cookies, candy canes - if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the season for you. And say you want to let loose at the end of the night and party with the family? Well, there’s always egg nog and apple cider - with or without the secret ingredient, depending on your preference (and your age).

So what’s your favorite Christmas food of all? Any unique family recipes that you break out around this time of year? Just don’t say fruitcake.

Most divisive: Cranberry Sauce
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