The Very Best Kinds of Soups, Ranked

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Standard, traditional soups only, from any country or cultural origin.

Mmm, soup! This is a list of the best soups, ranked by eaters like you. This list of the best kinds of soups includes delicious varieties of bisques, chowders, stews, including cream-based and broth-based soups. The best soups ever are made with wholesome ingredients, and the best soup recipes call for vegetables, chicken, seafood, meat, or a variety of soup spices. What is your favorite kind of soup? If you love slow cooker homemade soup, vote up those comfort food soup favorites to move them to the top of the list. You can also click rerank below to make your own list of, say, the best Asian soups or best vegetarian soups. Don't like shellfish? Feel free to downvote types like lobster bisque or clam chowder.

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Most divisive: Egg drop soup
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