The Worst Albums by Great Bands

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Only bad or critically panned albums by famous bands

Horrible music released by usually-great artists and bands. Sometimes even the most ingenious, original and creative musical voices can turn out work that's just... not up to snuff. This should not be confused with simply being ahead of one's time. Certainly, many now-renowned and significant musicians were not appreciated in their own time, or proved to be far ahead of the curve. (Those early negative notes that inspired the band name Led Zeppelin, for example. Or everyone who didn't get what Iggy Pop was up to when he first broke on to the scene. Or Neil Young's "Tonight's the Night" album.)

Instead, these are experiments, new directions or returns to the well that just didn't go well, and that have grown even worse with time. So it's time to be brutally honest, and fess up to the low points for some of the great musical artists of all time. Have at it by voting, or if you don't see your picks already on the list, start your own to get them on there.
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