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The Worst Bands & Musicians of All Time

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List RulesVote up all of the worst singers, rappers, and bands of all time.

The worst bands in music history, ranked by music fans (and haters.) This list contains the most awful bands to listen to from throughout the history of recorded music, suggested and voted on based on a variety of metrics, including popular bands least deserving of their fame and fortune, artists who shamelessly ripped off other, superior acts and just bands that don't know how to play their instruments or write songs. Obviously, the majority of choices will be rock bands, but any "musical group" or bands are technically eligible. Think the worst band of all time is a jazz band? Hate polka bands as much (or more) than Nickelback? Suggest your least favorite group or artist by making your own list and including them! Featuring 90s boy bands, crappy singers, and even people who were once considered in the top 10 artists of the year, this list has them all.

What makes a band go from just being terrible to epically earning "Worst Band of All Time" status? For some, there's an original inkling of a good sound in there that just gets weighed down by poor decisions, excessive drug use and bad production. For others, it's a total lack of songwriting ability that renders the band - as a whole - incapable of producing quality music. Some bands just have no business being together in the first place, so incapable are they of playing in sync and producing pleasant music. And then some bands may have limited talent but waste it by producing songs and albums that are overblown, slickly commercial and hollow.

This list collects all these examples of terrible bands with no business recording music, and more. It will be a great guide for keeping track of musicians and artists to avoid next time you are on iTunes or Amazon.

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  • The Naked Brothers Band23
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  • One Direction25
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