The Worst Cars Ever Made

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Automobiles that are ugly, get horrible gas mileage, constantly break down, or are otherwise horrible cars.

There are some pretty bad cars on here; some can be considered the worst ever made, and many come highly unrecommended by mechanics. Yes, it's a pretty bold statement, but even so, these cars deserve the infamy. What are the worst cars ever? These are some of the stupidest cars created.   

This list of the worst cars ever is ranked by auto aficionados worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of stupid cars, making this a trustworthy way to figure out which ugly, gas-guzzling monstrosities really are the worst cars ever. You can even add your own rankings to this worst cars list. Whether they're taking up too much space on the road or uglying up a driveway near you, these cars should be permanently parked in the junkyard.