The Worst Fashion Trends in History

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Add and upvote the worst fashion trends. Clothes, hairstyles or body modifications that are generally bad for society.

These are the fugliest, most horrendous, worst fashion trends in history. Rank and vote on the worst fashion disasters of all time, by their awfulness, and add any fashion abominations that are missing. We don't know why these things were popular, and we never will. These are not fashion trends deserving of a comeback. Looking back, all we can do is burn the photos and pretend it never happened.

Terrible trends like those on this list sweep through a population like an infection, perming hair and ruining school photos... only to burn themselves out as people slowly come to their senses and realize they are actually wearing a denim unitard in public. The worst fashion trends in history are just as memorable - if not more - than the best fashion trends. Behold! The ugliest things people have put on their bodies, all in the name of fashion.

What are the worst fashion trends? Check out these historical fashion disasters and once you finally stop laughing, vote for the ugliest! This list also includes the dumbest fashion trends of the 20th century so you just may see some that you wore back in the day.

Most divisive: Fur
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  • Sagging Pants
    15,071 votes

    Sagging Pants

  • Grills
    13,584 votes


  • Inflated Lips
    11,660 votes

    Inflated Lips

  • Wearing Two Or More Polo Shirts With Popped Collars
    4,083 votes

    Wearing Two Or More Polo Shirts With Popped Collars

  • Male Rompers
    2,310 votes

    Male Rompers

  • High Heel Sneakers
    7,369 votes

    High Heel Sneakers