The Worst Movies Of All Time

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The worst movies ever are generally hated by critics and movie-goers alike. These are pretty much the worst movies of all time and the funny thing is that most of these bad movies of all time are actually trying to be good. Well, at least they are entertaining! Entertainingly bad, that is. Anyone can contribute to this list of terrible movies, which makes these rankings an accurate, real-time reflection of the crowd's collective opinion about the worst films ever. 

What are the worst movies of all time? How about the worst movie ever made? This list is a little bit like doing community service - by voting on it, you're saving other people from having to watch the same really awful movies you've had to see. Consider it your good deed for the day. And if one of your favorite movies is on this bad movies list, take the hint that it may be time to expand your movie-watching tastes. Now, check out the list of what many call horrible films below and help determine the worst movie of all time.

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