The Worst Oscar-Winning Actors Ever

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Who gave the worst Oscar-nominated performances yet still managed to win? This list contains actors and actresses who, despite winning the Academy Award for best actor, best actress, or either of the best supporting categories, are still unworthy, whether for that specific performance or just in general career terms. These are the worst Oscar winners that you feel are weak actors who have been overpraised by peers, critics, and the public alike.

A number of actors have won Oscars, only to then have their careers taper off quickly. Adrien Brody won the Academy Award for Best Actor at age 29 in 2003 for the film The Pianist (becoming the youngest actor to ever win an Oscar in the category), and has - in the interim - failed to appear in a large number of popular or award-contending films (with a few notable exceptions.) F. Murray Abraham, as well, saw his roles begin to dry up after winning the Academy Award for the role of Salieri in Amadeus.

Who are the worst actors and actresses who nevertheless have received American acting's highest honor? Who are the worst actors to win Oscars? Help decide the unworthy Oscar winners by for your picks below. Then check back to see if your least favorite topped the list! 

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