The Greatest NFL Kickers of All Time

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Who are the best NFL kickers of all time? This list, ranked by fans, includes the top NFL kickers to ever step foot on the gridiron. That is a question that experts have been tackling since the NFL first started in the 1920s. Defining who is the best NFL kicker of all time isn't easy since every fan has a different criteria that defines who is the best NFL kicker. Many agree that that the best are also the most accurate kickers in NFL history, while others celebrate the best kickers based on their range.So who are the greatest kickers of all time?

The top kickers of all time are known for their excellent skills and ability to handle the extreme high pressure situations of a last minute field goal. The kicker position is one of the most important in football, as when the game is on the line, kickers are often called in to finish the job. Though they aren't always on the field, and are often unsung heroes, the top NFL kickers are essential to every team and can make or break any game.

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