The Greatest NFL Punters of All Time

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NFL players who play the punting position

The greatest NFL punters of all time are those best at the punting position yet get some of the least recognition of all football player positions. These talented punters hold numerous NFL punting records, are the best to ever punt in the history of professional football and have made big plays when their team needed it the most yet not a one of these stars have found their way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ray Guy is a great example of a player who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Guy topped 44,000 punting yards over his career between 1,000 punts Jeff Feagles, who punted for an all-time best 1,713 punts over 12 seasons to lead all others in NFL history with 71,211 yards.

Moving into modern punting leaders, Shane Lechler, Nick Harris, Brian Moorman, Thomas Morstead and Bryan Anger are all among the elite. They also happen to make up the yards per punt all-time leaders with Anger at the top with an average of 47.8 yards per punt so far in his young career.

Who's the best punter in NFL? So even though these men with the golden feet may never get the recognition that other stars get, they are still the best to ever do what they did and for that they should be respected. Vote for the punters you think are the all time best below, add any not listed or re-rank this list of the best NFL punters ever. When you're done, go vote for the best NFL linebackers ever and the greatest NFL tight ends of all time.

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  • Pat McAfee
    2,973 votes
    Indianapolis Colts
  • Ray Guy
    3,436 votes

    Ray Guy

    Oakland Raiders
  • Shane Lechler
    2,405 votes

    Shane Lechler

    Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans
  • Johnny Hekker
    1,085 votes
    Carolina Panthers
  • Dustin Colquitt
    800 votes
    Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jim Thorpe
    562 votes
    Cleveland Indians, Oorang Indians, Canton Bulldogs