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The Top Point Guards of 2012

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List RulesPlayers who primarily played the point guard position in the 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 NBA seasons.

The best point guards in professional basketball in 2012. This list - culled from the opinions of Ranker sports fans - contains all current NBA point guards could be considered among the "best in the league." The point guard position is among the most vital on a basketball team, and is widely considered to be the most specialized role. The point guard essentially conducts the team's offense, controlling the ball and feeding it to the players who are best positioned to score at the time. The position is sometimes compared to a quarterback on a football team.

A variety of skills are necessary for a player to excel in the point guard position. Ball handling skills are obviously a huge asset, as is time management, the innate understanding of the game's tempo and how to regulate it to greatest advantage. Speed is also essential - a point guard who can get the ball down court the fastest is going to have more time to get organized and find an open teammate in scoring position.

On defense, point guards defend the perimeter, and is largely tasked with making the task of moving the ball more difficult for the opposing team's point guard.
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