The Greatest Catchers of All Time

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Only players known as catchers and not other positions

After Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra (obvious greats), it's all opinion as to who the best catchers of all time are! A catcher has to have insane defensive prowess and focus to be considered great. Not surprisingly, several of the famous baseball catchers listed here are also among the greatest baseball players ever in the MLB. The best baseball catchers on this list are from different teams, but all have impressive stats that back up their legacy. 

Who are the greatest catchers of all time? This list includes some of the most talented, legendary catchers in Major League Baseball history. From Yogi Berra to Thurman Munson, the players listed here were exemplary in their abilities. Vote for the MLB catchers you think are the best, vote down any you don't think deserve a spot and certainly, if any great catchers are missing, add them. You can also rerank this list your way.

What makes a great catcher? It's more than just defensive prowess. A catcher's responsibilities are many. They've got to be able to work well with any and all starting pitchers, calling a good game for them so they can concentrate on getting batters out. Offensively, the greatest catchers of all time were able to contribute to their team's wins with the bat: They could hit. Typically, the MLB's best catchers might not have the speed that some of the outfielders do, but they've often got the power.

Need proof? Just look at some of the names listed here. Yes, Bench, Fisk and certainly Mike Piazza all qualify, having had hundreds of home runs during their esteemed MLB careers.

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