The Top Fashion Designers for Men

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Best menswear designers who create original clothing or accessories for men and have their own product lines

Whoever said fashionable clothing is just for the ladies clearly has never seen these top fashion designers for men. Designing and producing the top looks in men's shirts, pants, shoes and accessories, these fashion designers and labels remain at the top of the industry for men's clothing. From the classic, global brands of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to the newer styles from Alexander McQueen and Michael Bastian, these top men's clothing designers are dressing today's sharp dressed men around the world.

While the fashion world tends to lean towards women's clothing, there is still a huge market for men's fashion with suits, shirts, pants and even underwear among the items hitting the runways during fashion week. But which men's fashion designer is the best or even in the top 10? Men, especially those with significant others may not get a lot of say in other things, but they can absolutely weigh in on this by adding their lists of their favorite men's designers and voting for their picks below! Once enough people vote on this list, we'll be able to see which brands are the most popular in the world of mens fashion. 
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