The Top Female MMA Fighters

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The top female MMA fighters are some of the best athletes in the sport who make their living attempting to crush their opponents into submission. While fighting isn't traditionally considered a woman's sport, there is no doubt that a female MMA champion could hold her own in the ring - even if she was pitted against a man. This list seeks to determine who the best female MMA fighters are and rank them from best to worst.

These women of MMA fighting are as tough as they are hard-working, and it's no surprise that female MMA fighters who work out and train for a living would look knock-out gorgeous outside of the ring, so it shouldn't be any surprise either that some of the top MMA girl fighters are also some of the hottest female athletes in America and the rest of the world. Mixed martial arts is no joke - these women are ripped!

Who are the best female MMA fighters in the world? This list of the top MMA fighters who are women seeks to answer that question and rank the greatest female MMA fighters from best to worst based on the votes of MMA fans like you. Your votes shape the list - and remember, you are voting on the fighting skills of these famous women, not which one you like the best. Don't see the MMA fighters names you expected? Well, if your favorite female fighter is missing from the list, make sure to add her so she can vie for the top spot. When you're done, head over and check out the best current UFC women fighters and the oldest fighters in the octagon.