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The Top Pop Artists of the 1960s

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List of the best pop artists of the 60s, ranked. The 1960s may very well be the best decade for music in the rock era. Music from the decade 1960-69 can bring back good memories for many who grew up in this era and holds a certain allure for those who were born later. It's tough to decide which artists were truly the best of the 60s - perhaps the easiest way to judge these 1960s bands is by their staying power. Yes, many on this list were popular bands in the 60s, but which ones continue to touch future generations with their songs? The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles are at the top of this list with good reason. For many, they epitomize 1960s music - the atmosphere and attitude of the time - and when younger listeners want to tap into that era, they usually flip one of those bands on and listen to the best singers of the 60s.

This does not mean that everyone loves these bands. The question of the top 60s artists is subjective - that's why we are putting it up for a vote. Upvote your favorites and add any 60s musicians you love that somehow didn't make it on the list. 

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