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The Best Types of Furniture

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Home furnishings come in many different shapes and sizes, and perform a number of vital functions around the home. Whether designed purely for utility, for comfort, or chosen for aesthetics and style, the furniture that appears in a house says a lot about the people living inside and how they spent their time.

Although there are a few basic pieces of furniture to be expected in every home - chairs, sofas, tables, beds - the various furnishings available provide a tremendous amount of diversity and a number of compelling choices. Even a concept as simple as a "Chest of Drawers" can open up a world of individualized options, from a standard Western-style dresser to a more spacious chifforobe or even the combined chest-of-drawers/wardrobe style known as a "Tallboy."

This list collects the major distinct types of furniture and can be helpful as a general resource when considering home decor decisions.