The Vegetables Nobody Wants to Eat

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List only includes fresh vegetables. No canned foods, fruits, or legumes. Vote up the vegetables you hate the most, vote down the vegetables you don't mind.

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts. The world’s plates are littered with the gross vegetables we refuse to eat. Everyone's got their own tastes, and for many of us, veggies are public enemy #1.

Love carrots but hate green beans? This list of the worst vegetables is the place to make your voice heard! Vote a thumbs up for the veggies that you simply won't eat. And a thumbs down for the ones you love (asparagus, amirite?).

It doesn't matter why you dislike any veggie - whether it’s because of its texture, taste or color - vote for it all the same. If you feel like ranking vegetables with your absolute most hated at the top, make your own version. That will let the world know which vegetables are most disliked, and which ones are actually pretty good.

What are the worst vegetables to eat? What are the best tasting vegetables? Let us know! If your least favorite veggie isn’t on this list of the grossest and most disgusting, you can add it. Make the world a happier place to eat! But please, spare the peas!

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