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What Is the Best Way to Spend $100?

Updated 25 Apr 2020 26.5k votes 2.5k voters 61.5k views49 items

What is the best way to spend $100? It's really a simple question, but the answers can be... conflicting. Sure, there are practical things you can and probably should do with a $100 windfall, but it's tempting to blow it all on something super fun, too. This list includes some of the greatest suggestions for how to spend 100 bucks, so vote up what you'd do with the cash money and vote down what you wouldn't waste it on.

Also, if you have a suggestion that isn't listed, by all means, add it. And don't be shy: there is no judging here. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with an extra $100 lying around? If you're a practical person, you'd probably at least consider paying some bills with the cash, even though this particular activity is probably pretty high on your list of tasks you loathe the most.

But really, there are so many fun things you could do with 100 dollars, too. While it's not like you've won the lottery and need to decide what to do with instant financial wealth or anything, it's still something that should be thought through.So what if you like thinking about having an extra $100 lying around... but you don't? No need to despair: many of the greatest simple pleasures in life don't cost a dime.
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